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Two of the most popular Strawberry Farms are located in Ambewela and Ragala, both approximately 30 minutes’ drive from Nuwara Eliya town. Here, strawberries are grown in open fields and poly tunnels.

Another successful enterprise that has excelled in vegetable and strawberry cultivation is located in the Ambewela – Pattipola road on the way to Horton Plains. You need to de-route from the main road leading to Horton Plains, just before Kande Ela Reservoir leads through a bumpy road to the farm. The farm is spread across a very large area and is impossible to walk through the farm due to the distance and steep roads. The farm management has arranged tractor tours of the strawberry fields for their visitors. On the trail, one can see beautifully grown potatoes, carrot, cabbage, and many vegetables along with strawberries. Some of these fields also have an attached shop where freshly picked strawberries along with jams, juices, and other strawberry-based products are readily available.

You could visit these farms between 8am – 6pm.