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Situated about 9.3 kms from the Hotel, Moon Plains, also known as Sandathenna, is a 400-metre long, 40-metre-deep valley in Ranhawadigama.  This is another beautiful place unknown to most visitors coming to Nuwara Eliya.  This area was once part of a catchment area, and now Moon Plains is a notable Agricultural and Environmental Tourism Zone since March 2014.

Moon Plains stands at a surface elevation of 6,200 ft, and gets chilly and misty, so you need to watch your step! It provides you with an amazing panoramic view of the countryside and peaks that surround it, but again, this depends on the visibility during the day. A key attraction at Moon Plains is the ‘Mini World’s End’, a peak with a sharp drop, offering you a stunning look at the landscape below.

The vicinity is an abode to bountiful wildlife where you could spot deer, buffaloes and more than 100 species have been recorded, 16 of which are endemic to Sri Lanka.  The Sri Lankan leopard has been spotted in this area too!

The journey to Moon Plains is beautiful and is also a bit like a safari trip. The road continues to be flat so you can see a beautiful view from a long distance. It’s better to go in a jeep. The green grass has a strange beauty, and the cool breeze has a strange sweetness. The air is so clear that the whole surrounding looks good.

The best place to look around is a viewing platform built on a small high valley. The place to take 360 degree pictures. A place where you can see 9 mountains on clear days. You could even take a bicycle up there as the terrain is perfect for cycling!  The best time to visit is from February to April and is opened from 7am – 4 pm excluding Poya and other religious holidays