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Situated just on the outskirts of the Nuwara Eliya city, just about 3 kilometres from the Hotel, is the fabled lover’s waterfall, The Lover’s Leap.  One would wonder why the waterfall is named as Lover’s Leap.  Digging a bit into history, the waterfall got its name from an old legend. It is said that a royal prince went hunting in the jungle and on his way there he met a beautiful girl from the local village and they fell in love. The king and queen opposed the marriage vehemently and in despair of being forced apart, they jumped from the top of the waterfall to their deaths anticipating they would be united in death or in the afterlife.

One could get to the waterfall by a taxi or tuk-tuk, but if you love to walk, it is an exciting expedition.  Our naturalists could accompany you to the waterfall. In fact, it is up a somewhat rough path and through some pretty, rural countryside, so a walking pace is perfect to take it all in. The uphill path isn’t too steep or strenuous and should take around 40 minutes.

You could also hire our bikes and cycle along the main road for a part of the journey.  However, it may be somewhat tricky to peddle up the uneven road up to the waterfall, but you will certainly get there faster than walking.

When at the waterfall, you could trek to the top of the waterfall from the side of the waterfall where the view is amazing. You can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city of Nuwara Eliya and the adjacent tea plantations or sit underneath the Lover’s Leap Waterfall where you can relax, enjoy the cool spray from the gushing water, or even take a dip.