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The Green Directory

To be environmentally conscious is not all about plastic bags; it’s about making everyday choices that will — quite literally — determine our success or failure as a species. We can be more conscious about reducing pollution, protecting wildlife, conserving natural resources and take other actions that can help slow the rate of climate change.

Everyone can make a difference, particularly when smart environmental choices become a habit and perhaps even begin influencing others into taking similar actions. Doing the right thing for the future of life on Earth can even have immediate personal benefits. It can tap into your creativity, can get you more engaged with your community and the world, and may contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

We need to reduce the amount of trash we create, and to reuse or repurpose consumer goods rather than throwing them away. The aim of showcasing the best practices adopted by a property which was constructed 200 years ago, is to encourage everybody to become conscious human beings living in this planet and contribute towards preserving a future for the next generation.

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Grand 12R

Grand 12R concept help to Grand Hotel zero waste journey with the Grand Green Bank.

Application of the Grand 12Rs Principle;
1. Responsible
2. Re-Think
3. Refuse
4. Reduce
5. Reuse
6. Repair
7. Reclaim
8. Replace
9. Refill
10. Rot
11. Recycle
12. Reward

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Grand Green Bank

The Green Bank encompasses the Grand Hotel Waste Management Centre which is an
important element of environmental protection and provides hygienic, efficient and economic solid waste storage, collection, transportation and treatment or disposal of waste without polluting the atmosphere, soil or water system. “The Grand Green Bank” was conceptualized with the fact that, “a valuable resource at a wrong place, in a wrong form or in a wrong media”

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No No Sili Sili

“No No Sili Sili” is a movement created by a group of colleagues employed at Grand Hotel with the intention of eradicating the use of single use plastic bags in Nuwara Eliya. The Movement was initiated with a group of 7 youngsters who strived to bring in the concept of “rejecting” single use plastic bags and using alternatives. Now the group is assisted by 165 youngsters employed at the Grand Hotel who are the “Grand Millennials” and support the endeavor wholeheartedly. The group was created on the 7th of July 2019.

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Sustainability Compass

The Grand Hotel Sustainability COMPASS is designed to manage the three pillars of sustainability. In 2018 Grand Hotel released its first version of sustainability COMPASS embedding 14 committees which was executed for two years. The different initiatives from these committees contributed immensely towards creating a huge impact on Environment, Social and economic. As of this year, we have navigated towards the release of the second version reengineering it to 12 committees. Although the number of committees were reduced, the scope of coverage was enhanced. In order further impact the three pillars in sustainability. The Sustainability COMPASS connects and makes partnerships with all these committees in an attempt to achieve the goals. We believe sustainability COMPASS is the next generation of key development of the Grand.

Why is it named as the Sustainability COMPASS. The initiatives cover Nature(N), Economy(E), Wellbeing(W) & Social (S) directions.

Each committee has representation from each department in the hotel with specific objectives and goals for year 2021. SUSTAINABILITY COMPASS aims at covering all United Nations 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Policies & Activities

Environmental Conservation

Creating a community of conservation, led by a Senior Naturalist, focused on the well-being of the environment, Grand Hotel in Sri Lanka pledges to continue the responsible management of the planet’s natural resources through projects that focus on heritage, such as Lake Gregory, Galways Bird Sanctuary, Horton Plains National Reserve, etc.

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The promise made by Grand Hotel, Nuwara Eliya to protect endangered and near threatened species has led to a preserved forested area. Here resides a variety of species of Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Pygmy Lizards and predators such as the Leopard.

Zero Plastic

Setting in motion the wheels for a sustainable future, from within their own halls, Grand Hotel uses reusable cloth garbage bags and recyclable bedroom amenities, focusing on a future free of single-use plastic.

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animal farms

Animal Farms

From organic animal farms to self-sustaining environments, Grand Hotel’s expansive farms have become home to pigs, cattle, rabbits, chicken and an additional array of friendly farm animals. Grand Hotel has taken a stoic stance in its efforts towards 100% sustainability and green care.

Green Farms

From farm to plate, The Grand Hotel in Sri Lanka, prides itself in cultivating fresh produce, made as 100% organic. Spanning across an expanse of their manicured mansion grounds, greens are grown with the utmost care within their greenhouse and nurseries.

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