Environmental Conservation

Creating a community of conservation, led by a Senior Naturalist, focused on the well-being of the environment, Grand Hotel in Sri Lanka pledges to continue the responsible management of the planet’s natural resources through projects that focus on heritage, such as Lake Gregory, Galways Bird Sanctuary, Horton Plains National Reserve, etc.


The promise made by Grand Hotel, Nuwara Eliya to protect endangered and near threatened species has led to a preserved forested area. Here resides a variety of species of Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, Pygmy Lizards and predators such as the Leopard.

Zero Plastic

Setting in motion the wheels for a sustainable future, from within their own halls, Grand Hotel uses reusable cloth garbage bags and recyclable bedroom amenities, focusing on a future free of single-use plastic.

Animal Farms

From organic animal farms to self-sustaining environments, Grand Hotel’s expansive farms have become home to pigs, cattle, rabbits, chicken and an additional array of friendly farm animals. Grand Hotel has taken a stoic stance in its efforts towards 100% sustainability and green care.

Green Farms

From farm to plate, The Grand Hotel in Sri Lanka, prides itself in cultivating fresh produce, made as 100% organic. Spanning across an expanse of their manicured mansion grounds, greens are grown with the utmost care within their greenhouse and nurseries.