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Revel in the luxury and comfort of transcendent elegance and design.

Cook With Chef

  • Incredible culinary moments.A treat, not to be missed for any budding Chef or Food lover.Join our celebrity Chefs for a series of incredible demos with a difference,
  • From the Farm to Plate
    Our Grand Chefs will lead you to our farm where you can pick fresh vegetables, herbs and ingredients which will later be transformed by you, into sensational seasonal Sri Lankan dishes.
    You will then enjoy a sumptuous three course lunch at the Barnes Hall, along with your very own creations.


  • The Grand Laundry is an exclusive private dining experience found at the Grand. As the name suggests, you enter the ‘restaurant’ via the laundry door and the Laundry is converted to a unique romantic dining venue. The location of this amazing fine dining is unexpected, a truly mesmerizing experience.


  • Long nights and hot baths at the GRAND
    When the cozy governors country home became a 100 roomed Grand Hotel, in the early part of the 20th century, keeping it’s discerning high society guests happy and clean was certainly no joke.
    The distinguished looking Boiler man was the head of the all-important operation of providing an unending supply of hot water throughout the day. He would bark out his orders to his charges to bring in the logs of dry wood from the neatly stacked piles to keep the English made boiler adequately fired. After almost nine decades of burning tree logs to keep the water hot, the diesel-fired Mechmar boiler was introduced in 1995. The large firewood storing place made way for a beautiful lawn and a colourful garden, known since the nineties as the Governors Lawn. The Boiler room itself became more hospitable with the absence of soot and dust, and today has been converted by our celebrated Chefs into a unique dining experience, serving a fusion sit-down menu for upto 8 persons in the 100 year old Boiler room.

Relax and rejoice in a legacy of gracious hospitality; royal service; and serene comfort, as you retire to your Presidential Suite, Designed to pamper and luxuriate.


Enter a world of elegance unencumbered, as you experience the best of both worlds. From regal luxuries to exclusive experiences, welcome to the zenith of grand living.