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The charmingly picturesque town of Nuwara Eliya, fashioned after an English countryside, offers the perfect arena for leisure activities associated with an era of serenity and folly. Spend a misty morning looking at an exquisitely scenic lakefront as you put on your fisherman boots.


From breathtaking experiences to sweeping panoramas of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya becomes home to a symphony of meandering paths and mountain top views. Inspire the adventurer in you with an arduous trek to Ravana’s landing point in Thotupolkanda or take a relaxing stroll to Single Tree, choose from tailor-made excursions to suit your travel style while making unforgettable memories.

outdoors trekking
outdoors cycling


Take in the sights and sounds of Nuwara Eliya as you take a leisurely bike ride through its misty plains and lush gardens. With beautiful meandering paths, that lead you towards exploration and fond memories to be made, take an afternoon to roam the scenic countryside.

With exclusive tour packages available to suit your style and comfort, enjoy guided cycle tours through Horton Plains National Park, Lover’s Leap, Kolapathana Ella, Nuwara Eliya town all the way to Kothmale

Bird Watching

A rare paradise for bird-watching in Sri Lanka, expect the unexpected when in Nuwara Eliya.

With over 439 species (236 resident; 203 migrant; 33 endemic species; and 68 subspecies), Nuwara Eliya has become home to some of the World’s most brilliantly colourful, endemic species such as the Ceylon Whistling Thrush, Ceylon Wood Pigeon, Yellow Eared Bulbul and the Ceylon White Eye, with consistent visits from the Pied Thrush, Eyebrowed Thrush, Indian Pitta and Kashmir Flycatcher during August to March.

More than 85 species of birds and as many as 12 endemics can be spotted at a selection of famous birding locations including the famed Victoria Park, Horton Plains National Park, Hakgala Botanical Gardens, Bomuru Ella Forest Reserve and Galways Forest.


Waterfall Tours

Travel the path less taken to experience the mystical healing powers of Nuwara Eliya’s majestic waterfalls. Wrapped in serenity, beauty and zen – the cool waters of Sri Lanka’s rivers join to create some of the island’s most spectacular water features, cascading ribbons of white water that help form intricately exotic eco-systems.

Tea Tours

Experience an authentic, exclusive Tea Tour of Nuwara Eliya. From the intricacies of tea plucking, to a guided tour of the world’s best export quality tea brands, welcome to a transcendent world of nostalgic aromas, innovative flavours and never before experienced beauty as you enjoy a cup of pure Ceylon Tea, mountain-side.

tea tour
train tour

Train Tours

Take the scenic route and travel by train, experiencing the beauty of Sri Lanka through the footsteps of an islander. Owing to having been built in 1864 by the British, Sri Lanka’s railways systems have continued to possess a romantic old-world tone for many travellers and residents alike. Experience the best of both worlds as you travel in comfort, yet experience the breathtaking views of Nuwara Eliya, at your feet.

Garden Tour

Be inspired by the refreshing smell of morning dew, the rejuvenating colours of rare flora and the intricately designed garden topiary. With each step creating an inspiring story of love, relaxation and a grand lifestyle, tour the magnificent gardens of Grand Hotel Nuwara Eliya.

garden tour
sunrise tour

Sunrise Tour

Venture to a land of rejuvenation, relaxation and serenity as you partake in a sunrise tour.
Let the beauty of a breathtaking misty morning amidst the warm hues of a magnificent sunrise, rekindle the fire in your soul.

Air Rifle Shooting

A much favored pastime for both adults and young persons, available in the hotel premises.