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regal parks

Regal Parks

Nuwara Eliya is home to some of Asia’s most exquisite parks, such as Gregory Park and Victoria Park. Victoria Park was established with the planting of its first tree, an Oak, by a visiting German Princess. It was later renamed after Queen Victoria in 1897 to commemorate her Diamond Jubilee.

Serene Lakes

Visit Gregory’s Lake or Lake Kande Ela, popular for water sports and recreational activities.It is perfectly situated amidst Nuwara Eliya’s cool climte to offer visitors and travelers the ideal haven for romantic strolls, adventurous treks and even paddle-boat or star-gazing.

serene lakes

Strawberry Farms

The Strawberry Farms of Nuwara Eliya, offer the most sensuous gastronomic experience, as you bask in the elegant ambience of quaint cafes that serve strawberry ice cream, crepes and more. this strawberry heaven, offers a truly unique experience, set to the backdrop of misty mountains and deep lakes.


Catch a glimpse of the sunrise at Adam’s Peak; visit Devon Falls, St. Claire Falls and Piduruthalagala to experience the mystical healing abilities of these magnificent natural wonders. Nestled within the tropical forests on Nuwara Eliya, lies a magical wonderland of natural water bodies, waiting to be discovered.

annual event

Annual Events

Bear witness to some of the most lavish and large scale social events of the season, whether Ascot-like horse races, exclusive golfing and tennis tournaments, gala dances and weekend soirées, or exquisite flower shows. Partake in the most extraordinarily colorful annual events to grace the charming land of Nuwara Eliya.


A mix of old-world charm and Sri Lankan culture, this quiet town amidst the misty mountains has been adorned with Tudor, Victorian, Elizabethan and Colonial style housing, whether chic mansions to grand bungalows and villas. Welcome to English country living.

flora and fauna

Flora and Fauna

Nuwara Eliya is home to thousands, upon thousands of exotic, mesmerizing flora, in particular orchids, rare ferns and magnificent roses; as well as migrant and resident birds, elusive predators and rare fauna.