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The salubrious climes facilitate for well-kept gardens in Nuwara Eliya and the Garden at the Grand Hotel is no exception. Being a refined person Sir Edward Barnes had instituted a worthy garden at the hall that bore his name. History reveals that even by 1832 many western vegetables and fruits were found surrounding the Barnes Hall. From the colonial era flowers such as Magnolia Grandiflora, Roses, Carnations Violets, Tree-Ferns, Scarlet Rhododendron Trees are still grown in the garden. The total land extent of the garden is 4.5 acres with around 165 varieties of flowers and 10 varieties of endemic trees.

Some of the birds that hover in the gardens are the Yellow Eared Bul Bul, Hill White Eye and Dull Blue Flycatcher, while the Pigmy Lizard and Horned Lizard can also be found sheltered under the thick undergrowth.
For those yearn to enjoy nature’s bounty at its supremacy, the Grand Hotel Garden is the idealistic place.