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  • Morning 5.00 A.M , Afternoon 3.30 P.M


  • 1KM(min) , 32KM(max)



  • 2Hours(min),7Hours(max)


Escape to the central highlands of paradiese island. Experience the undulating landscape lush with roses and tree ferns, and home to rare animals and birds. Traverse the tropical forests, lakes and retreat amidst the serene panoramas, unique to Nuwara Eliya.

Horton Plains

Featured as the highest plateau in Sri Lanka, named as a nature reserve in December 1965, and later identified as a National Park in March 1988. This beautiful site consists of 3159.8 hectares of grasslands and cloud forests and sits at an altitude of 1,800 to 2,300 metres above sea level.
Although Sri Lanka’s smallest, yet most visited national park, it houses a heavenly slice of Sri Lanka’s biodiversity. Home to dozens of rare plants and animals life, it has become a sanctuary for life.

The national park offers unparalleled scenery and features opportunities for trekking through pristine tropical montane Cloud Forests, with paths that lead to either Kirigalpotta, the second highest mountain in Sri Lanka; Thotupola Kanda, the third highest mountain in Sri Lanka; World’s end and Baker’s Fall.

Kirigalpotta Mountain

Known as the second highest mountain in Sri lanka, standing at 2,340 meters above sea level, it is situated on the western boundary of Horton Plains National Park. This fantastic trek is sought after by many adventure and exploration seekers, as it is considered to be one of the most challenging treks, leading through Belihuloya stream, grassland, thick forests, bushes, marshland and rocks, leading to majestic views of the plains and Dimbula Valley, Adam’s Peak, Great Western, Thotupola Mountain and the Namunukula range.

Single Tree Mountain

. Offering a spectacular vantage point overlooking a breathtaking view of the Nuwara Eliya valleys and falls, this landmark stands at approximately 6,890 feet above sea level.

Let your journey take you through winding Tea plantation paths and mountain sides to bring you to the summit of your Single Tree Mountain. Be awe-inspired as you witness the beauty of a 360 degree view of Pidurutalagala Mountain range, Hakgala Mountain, Lake Gregory, and the entire town of Nuwara Eliya as well as Northern sections of Horton Plains, from this famed vantage point.

Your journey continues on as you are guided through natural montane forests and an expansive Eucalyptus plantation home to a sensational arrangement of flora and fauna, to arrive at ‘Shanthipura’, the highest village in Sri Lanka, where glimpses of authentic village life awaits

World’s End, Baker’s Fall, Circular Trek

Enjoy a 9 km; 3 hour circular trek that transcends your mind, body and soul to a land abundant with wild flora and fauna, rarely sighted elsewhere in the world. Journey through Patana Grasslands and densely wooded Cloud Forest to arrive at Small World’s End – an escarpment approximately 274 meters high, privy to magnificent views of Nuwara Eliya’s colourful landscape.

Continue on through thick dwarf bamboo to an unbelievable 900 meter sheer drop – World’s End, and witness the beauty and grandeur of nature in all its glory, with a view extending as far as the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka.
Complete this magical trek as you bear witness to the mystical Baker’s Fall – a waterfall steeped in rich history and local folklore – named after Sir Samuel Baker. This perfect oasis is home to Rhododendron and Fernbush. Your journey comes full circle as you return to the starting point.

Thotupola Mountain

Known as the third highest peak in Sri lanka, this mountain is situated on the eastern side of Horton Plains National Park and is approximately 2,360 meters in height. It offers a 4 km trek through dense virgin forest to reach its summit, overlooking Kirigalpoththa mountain, forest patches, grasslands, Pattipola, Hakgala Mountain, Nuwara Eliya and Piduruthalagala Mountain.