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When in Nuwara Eliya, the region for the world’s best brew of tea, take a guided tour to the tea factory perched high in the hills surrounding Nuwara Eliya, sitting in the shadow of the lush greenery of Pidurutalagala. The Tea estate is one of the most easily accessible estates in the hill country and takes around 30 minutes for you to go through the entire manufacturing process, i.e. from grading to packaging, and learn how Sri Lanka’s “Green Gold:” is manufactured. It is here that the crème de la crème of Sri Lanka’s teas – the fragrant and delicately flavoured “high growns” – flourish.

What’s more you will get the opportunity to see of plenty of pieces of colonial-era equipment that is still in operation with utmost care.

Join the colourfully attired tea leaf pluckers as they skillfully move between the tea bushes, deftly picking “two leaves and a bud,” tossing them over their shoulders into wicker baskets slung on their backs.

Our tea factory visit is inclusive of a tea tasting experience which is interactive and guided and can learn by tasting the different types of tea, the unique flavour contours that gives the different teas their peculiarity.

Overlooking the factory building is the picturesque Lovers Leap Ethical Tea Boutique where you can enjoy sipping on the local produce amongst a lush mountainous backdrop with a splendid view of the Bomburella Reservoir.