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The diversity of the terrain in Sri Lanka, offers a perfect opportunity for trekking especially in the central hills. One can trek through the tea plantations and paddy fields and be surrounded by breath-taking views of the picturesque landscape, making it a truly unforgettable experience. The Mountain Trekking tour includes a drive to the foot of the mountain and then the climb to the summit.

We have four trekking options to select from, spanning from 2- 3 hours to 5 -6 hours.

  1. Single Tree Mountain – Just 1 km from the Hotel and a trekking expedition of 2 – 3 hours. The summit presents a 360° view of Nuwara Eliya and the surrounding mountains.
  2. Horton Plains – 32 km from the Hotel, a total 5 -6 hours of trekking and journey. For its modest 31 square kilometers it contains a remarkable slice of Sri Lanka’s biodiversity, with dozens of plants and animals which are not seen anywhere.
  3. Thotupola Mountain – the third highest peak in Sri Lanka and situated in the eastern side of Horton Plains National Park. The trek that leads to the summit is about 4 km through the forest.
  4. Kirigalpoththa Mountain – the second highest mountain of Sri Lanka, situated in the western boundary of Horton Plains which lies alongside the untouched tropical montane rain forest and the Belihul stream. The summit affords splendid views of the plains and also Dimbula Valley, Adams Peak, Great Western, Thotupola Mountain and the Namunukula range and is for the more experienced and physically fit hiker.