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Take a delightful walk, around the Grand Hotel Garden which has an extent of 4 acres, and a complete walk around the Garden which is a 1-kilometer stretch. As you engage in this nature trail, our Naturalist would explain the significance of the flora and fauna, as we grow nearly 166 varieties of flowers with some endemic species like the Maha Rat Mala (Rhododendron), get facts of the trees which are more than 100 years old and about 10 different varieties of perennial trees. Over 50 different varieties of native and introduced plants grow in this garden. Moreover, there are 20 varieties of lichens are also living on the tree trunks.

Most interesting and important, Grand Hotel’s garden is a home for Sri Lanka’s rarest two lizard species. Pigmy lizard & black lipped lizard, besides that there are over 10 different species of birds & 18 varieties of butterflies also can be found in the gardens.

So it’s not just burning calories but adding wealth of knowledge on nature.