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Since the discovery of Nuwara Eliya in 1819 by British army surgeon Dr. John Davy, and the successive governors of the colonial era were all instrumental in establishing a new way of life revolving around the habits of the English countryside. Healthy outdoor activities such as horse riding, fishing and shooting were the order of the day. With time, these activities were enhanced by more social pastimes such as boat riding, golf, and horse riding. Fishing is a great sport that offers many benefits to your heart and brain. It teaches one to keep calm, concentrate and be focused for a considerable period of time. Unplugging from daily stresses lets the brain recharge and gives a better focus, while baiting and reeling keeps the fingers, shoulders and arms flexible and activates the muscles.

We have articulated two Fishing Tours with our Naturalist-

Lake Gregory – While watching the sunrise, go fishing on Lake Gregory. It’ll be a bit chilly so you’ll need to keep yourself warm or you could engage in the activity during the afternoon. The distance from the Hotel to the lake is about 2 kms.

Kande Ela Reservoir – A tranquil reservoir about 6 kms from the Hotel where you could have a morning or afternoon tour depending on your preference.