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The pressures of modern travel are too numerous to count, but surely outranking them all is the necessity to maintain a pristine Instagram feed. Hence the ‘Instagram Butler’, is a unique service by The Grand dedicated to give guests the edge when it comes to capturing those picture-perfect moments – and making everybody back home green with envy in the process.

The guests should be made to feel “Leave your selfie stick behind” and the Grand “Instagram butlers” will do unimaginable captures.

The Hotel has identified 16 Instagram locations which are ideal settings for the most memorable captures. The “butlers” are knowledgeable who show guests the most photogenic spots, guiding them around ‘Insta Trails’ on itineraries that feature the top places to snap Insta- worthy images, such as restaurants and garden.

The Instagram Butlers from the guest services team should conduct the “Insta trail on request”.