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The legacy of Grand Hotel which dates back to more than 130 years contains cherished memories of some of the world-renowned persons who have visited this Colonial heritage.  However, with time, these memoirs have been long forgotten and not being kept tracked of.  Over the decades, there are many guests who patronize the hotel to relive the memories of yesteryears either they have cherished at Grand Hotel or for some, their parents, grandparents etc.  Some do visit the hotel with the passion of getting information about what transpired in this world-famous colonial property etc. With this focus in mind, the services of Mr. P G Weerasinghe, the one and only longest serving employee counting more than 53 years in employment only at the Grand Hotel was secured.

The Grand Historian takes guests on the history tour of the Hotel, showing significant places of interest, and exact places where key personalities dined and wined, as well as relive some of the historical events that took place in the hotel which is registered in his mind.  Being conversant in the language of English, Mr. P G Weerasinghe takes upon himself the responsibility to be the living legend of Grand Hotel