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Our Credo

The Grand Hotel, Nuwara Eliya is a place where our guests are pampered to a royal stay, where their comfort and happiness becomes our main goal.

We pledge to provide regal, personalised service and facilities for all our guests who are welcomed, with arms wide open to a majestic , exclusive, luxurious refined ambience.,

The Grand hotel, Nuwara eliya experience rejuvenates the heart, body and soul, where guests experience the unexpected.

Employee Oath

I can and I will never say no
Always smiling, ready to help
I will be the best version of me.

Our Vision

To be the most well preserved Heritage Hotel in the world that exudes historical value yet boasts of the most modern conveniences, which cocoons its’ guests in comfortable luxury, affording them a soothing, relaxing experience and a treasured memory, while being respected and valued by our stakeholders for our method of operation and sustainability and be the name synonymous with “Royalty is our Service”

Our Mission

To preserve and protect the hotel and its’ history, to upgrade the hotel and operate same with modern conveniences, to create a comfortable and a relaxing space for our guests to unwind in, to operate a sustainable business that is financially stable, to be upto date and techno and social media savvy, to create a happy and a respected environment to our staff to operate in, to be responsible for the place and community we operate in, to be a green organization with Zero waste, to be respected and recognized by our stakeholders as the number one heritage hotel in the world.

Our Values

Our Guests are our Royalty
Our History is our Treasure;
Our Hotel is your Castle
Loyalty and Honesty first in employment
Sustainable and financially stable in operations
We can, we will, we smile and help
Never Say No
A service from the heart, served regally
We respect and gain it back
Humbleness first in our inquiry
One Family, One Castle
Our Guests Reign we Rule